The Moot Court Society
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Moot Court Society

Faculty-in-Charge: Dr. (Mrs.) Geeta Kubsad, Assistant Professor


  1. Aaroha Kulkarni
  2. Jaibatruka Mohanta

Vice-Chairperson :

  1. Mili Kothari
  2. Nitisha Makharia

General Secretary: Siddharth Salve

General Secretary (Admin.): Sejal Jain

General Secretary (Events): Manasi Adeshra

Treasurer: Janak Padia

Student Co-ordinator:

  1. Amit Padwal
  2. Anosh Irani
  3. Saziya Godiwala


10th Edition Nyayavalokan National Trial Advocacy Competition, 2020-

Nyayavalokhan was a four day event which was held from 11th October, 2019 to 14th October 2019 where we had participants from colleges across the country. The Grand Finale of the competition was presided by sitting high court judges, Justice PD Naik, Justice DS Naidu and Justice NW Sambre.

Conficiendis Legislativa Legislative Drafting Competition -

The theme 9th Edition of Conficiendis Legislativa - National Legal Drafting Competition was ' Regulation of Marine Pollution' where students from various colleges across India sent their drafts providing remedial & conservative measures to reduce the very issue at hand. The National Symposium held on 29th June, 2020 witnessed guest speakers Justice K. Ramakrishnan and G. Rambabu giving insights on the legal and scientific aspects of marine pollution.

Workshop on the Art of Conducting Criminal Trials -

The Art of Criminal Trials was a 6 day long workshop focusing on legal & procedural aspects of a criminal trial which was conducted by Ashwini Achari & Nishkaa Suneja ( 5th Year Students ). The session was attended by more than 120 students from all across the years who actively participated in witness chief and cross examination and learnt the tips and tricks to make the perfect case for their clients.

14th Grand Intra Moot Court Competition -

The Intra moot competition received 113 registrations of students starting from the 1st year to the 4th year students participating in a three day event from 11th June 2020 to 13th June, 2020. The Final Rounds were presided by Senior Advocate Dr. Birendra Saraf as the head of the 3 bench judge with Advocate Rahul Veera & Advocate Siddharth Ranade as co judges. Students excelling in researchers test and oral arguments make it to a list which enables them to represent the college in intercollegiate moot court competitions.

Workshop on the Art of Mooting -

Art Of Mooting was a four day workshop conducted by Mr. Dweep Shah, Mr. Samar Rege & Mr. Yash Modi who are 5th year students and have brought accolades to the college in moot court competitions. The workshop focused on understanding and analyzing the fact sheet, researching and drafting a memorial and mooting before international forums. The workshop witnessed over a 120 participants from all the years.

The college has a very active moot court society which is formed with the objective of facilitating students acquire lawyering skills. The society apart from conducting intra college competitions and workshops for students also assists and guides them in participating at the various States, National and International moot court competitions.